Five things you need for this year’s tax prep


There are folks who don’t file for several years. This is discouraged. (But we help.)  There are the people who bring everything and anything numbers in boxes, unsorted, unorganized and in a complete disarray.  (But we help.) Then, there are those who fail to mention something important like the birth of a child, a different spouse, a move, retirement, cashing out 401K funds or investments, and similar rather important things, or give a dependent’s wrong social #. (It can be fixed.  But Its easier to deal with it right- upfront).

Russ likes to send tax organizers.   (That’s for those who depend on grocery lists,  to-do lists, or use appointment apps.) But here is a really helpful short list in a hectic world- a reminder.  It is helpful for you to pre-check things like your social security numbers, and if there are new members of the family for deduction, have theirs’ handy.  This will help to make sure you’ve provided the following information at our appointment .:

1. Copies of previous year’s tax returns.

2. Any letters or notices from all tax agencies including IRS, state, and local. You would be surprised at notices that are treated like junk mail only to surface a year later in a harsh time sensitive and terse way.  As in due on demand, or seize assets, audits or worse.

3. All income documents-such as W2s, 1099’s, rental income, alimony, prizes, gifts, self employment, and all wage statements . . . .

4.  All expense documents such as mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable contributions, business and employment expenses, education costs, medical expenses, and child care expenses . . . . (potentially many others)

5. Taxes paid to state and local agencies from the previous year -often missed; (this is a deduction). If you work with a book-keeper, it’s wise to have an independent look at classifications, deductions, P&L and other potential tax impacts.


For your convenience, our new office has a spacious lobby, beautiful grounds, a kitchen with vending machine and coffee pot, copy & shredding center and welcome center during regular business hours.  We’re located in the Americenter, off Paul Blazer Parkway – your first left exiting 270 to Tuttle Crossing Blvd.

When you’re done, you could go shopping at Tuttle mall or enjoy dinner in one of many area restaurants-BJs, PF Chang are close.  While our hours are 9-5, we ask that you make an appointment. Russ usually/often works weekend hours Saturday and Sunday and some evenings because you’re busy, and flexibility is important.

Happy New Tax Year!

One thought on “Five things you need for this year’s tax prep

  1. Hi Russ!

    Love the blog and so happy you are doing well in a new space. I read your information, all of it. You have been a valued member of my financial family for over 20 years and I appreciate all you have done for us over the years.Thank you so very much for always being there for us!


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